Beat Stress and Anxiety For Life!

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Sleep Well for Life!

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Say goodbye to the stress or anxiety that’s holding you back

Stop the soul-sucking fear and doubt of never feeling good enough

Create the life you want being confident, happy, successful, and fulfilled

Change nothing, and nothing changes.

Change something, and the possibilities are infinite!

What are you looking for?

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Click here for my therapeutic services for anxiety, depression, bereavement, phobia, addiction, (in fact, for most of life’s challenges). 

Therapies include talking therapy, hypnotherapy, EFT, cognitive and emotional processing, and more.

Want to beat stress and anxiety for life?

Click here to find out more about the Beat Stress for Life Program, a complete solution whether you’ve always suffered with stress or it’s a more recent onset. 

Learn how you too can beat stress and anxiety for life!

Prefer a DIY solution?

Click here to see my range of super-affordable DIY-programs that help you resolve a single and specific issue. 

Whether it’s difficulty sleeping, not feeling confident, or wanting to be more assertive, these programs help you resolve the issues in your own time, in your own way, and at your own pace.


“The course changed my life.   If there is anyone who is thinking of doing this course, I say, go for it as it will be the best thing you can do for you.”

Yvette B

Young People's Counsellor

“It was an amazing experience!  My whole perspective on life events shifted…  Life is still happening, but the stress doesn’t have the same detrimental effect on me.  Thank you so much Kate!!”

Chris L


Kate, without a doubt, has transformed my life and I can’t thank her enough.  Since my sessions with Kate I have gone from strength to strength, and finally feel like my normal happy self again.”

Alison S

Civil Servant

Have a Question?


I know it’s daunting to think about addressing your challenges with mental health and emotional wellbeing. It’s a big leap of faith to put your trust in someone you don’t know yet, and take the first step towards change.  

Let me help you make it easier.  Let’s just have a chat. 

I’d love to understand what’s happening for you right now, and answer any questions you have.  You can decide from there what to do. No pressure, no sales pitch, just a chat.

If we decide it’s right to work together, we can talk about how that can work. But only if you want to.

When you decide the time is right to take that step, I’ll be here.  Let’s make the time to talk about you  xx