Sleep Well For Life!

How to stop dreading bed time and fall back in love with your pillow ❤️

Follow the steps in this proven process to get restful sleep, even if you’ve struggled for the longest time, and you’ve tried “all the things” 😴

Sleep Well For Life!

How to stop dreading bed time and fall back in love with your pillow ❤️

Follow the steps in this proven process to get restful sleep, even if you’ve struggled for the longest time, and you’ve tried “all the things” 😴

Is this you?

  • Frustrated with tossing and turning every night, insides churning, anxiety building
  • Counting down the hours until your alarm goes off
  • Awake at 3am, thoughts racing round on a hamster wheel
  • Stressed out, on edge, can’t relax
  • You’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired
  • No time, resources, or desire to consult a private therapist
  • Physically exhausted and having no energy 
  • Fed up with brain fog and feeling like you’re walking through treacle every day
  • Emotionally drained from the never ending battle with fatigue
  • You’ve tried “all the things” (remedies, suggestions, self-help books, blogs, meditations, and everything else)
  • Your job or lifestyle means regular sleep isn’t possible (eg you work shifts, you’re a carer) 

And would you rather…

😃  Feel bright and optimistic

😁  Be energised

🤩  Rediscover your enthusiasm

😍  Improve your relationships

💪  Build resilience and patience

😃  Think clearly

😁  Make more confident decisions

😍  Enjoy good health and wellness

😊  Have peace of mind

😴  Look forward to bed time

What you’ll get with the Sleep Well For Life Program…

Everything you need to retrain your brain and body to rest and relax, whenever you want, including:



Psychological, experiential, and practical techniques and tips to aid your best sleep


Stop the hamster wheel

Control the thoughts that race round your mind and stop the negativity cycle  they bring


Change your state

Move from stressed out to calm quickly and easily, both at night and whenever you need


Better sleep

So that good sleep becomes the rule, not the exception


Ongoing Support

Free access to my private facebook group for continued guidance and peer support



You’ll know what to do and how to get good sleep, even if life is challenging


Stop self sabotage

Transform the way your mind and body function so they work for you, not against you


Simple explanations

So you’ll easily apply what you learn in the context of you and your life


Change from Day 1

Start your positive change immediately as you learn in “bitesize chunks” 


Health and Vitality

Enable your mind and body to heal, restore, and replenish what is stolen by lack of sleep


“The course changed my life.   If there is anyone who is thinking of doing this course, I say, go for it as it will be the best thing you can do for you.”

Yvette B

Young People's Counsellor

“It was an amazing experience!  My whole perspective on life events shifted…  Life is still happening, but the stress doesn’t have the same detrimental effect on me.  Thank you so much Kate!!”

Chris L


Kate, without a doubt, has transformed my life and I can’t thank her enough.  Since my sessions with Kate I have gone from strength to strength, and finally feel like my normal happy self again.”

Alison S

Civil Servant

Why did I create this Program?

I know the misery too…

 of what it is to live with sleep problems, whether it’s not being able to get off to sleep, tormented sleepless nights, or the dreaded 3am panic waking.

I understand the fear…

 that things will never be right, the worry about how your sleep deprived brain fog is affecting your health, work, relationships, and life, and the desperation all that can bring.


I also know the sheer joy and relief that comes with overcoming these problems!

There is no feeling like waking up in the morning feeling rested, positive and enthusiastic for the day ahead!

Even if this seems like an impossible dream, I can assure you, it’s not.  With the right approach, and changes in what you are doing, better sleep can be a reality for you too.

It took years…

for me get to a stage where my sleep was regular and restful.  Anxiety, (which I’ve had all my life), was a factor in my sleep problems, and although anxiety will still make its presence felt in my life on occasion, it rarely affects my sleep anymore.  And that’s because I’ve learned what works for me, and I’ve taken the time to really change my habits and practices, so they’re second nature to me now.  It means that when life gets difficult, I still sleep well!

But I don’t want it to take years for you!

Nor do I want it to cost thousands in therapy to achieve the same outcome!  That’s why I collated all my experience, learning, and therapeutic-coaching expertise, and distilled it into this Programme.  So you can:

  • experience the bliss of great sleep
  • enjoy all the benefits to your life, relationships and career that it brings
  • and make long lasting changes that vastly improve your health and well being.

All in a way that’s Practical, Effective, and Affordable

This Program is for you if…


You’re open to trying different approaches (even if you've tried them before)


You’re willing to make some positive changes to your daily life and routine


You appreciate a cumulative approach, so that each new learning builds on the last


You’ve tried self-help books, but they’re gathering dust on your shelf


You’ve never tried personal therapy or coaching before (and you're not sure you want to)


You want the benefits of working with a qualified therapist but the thought of talking about your deep and meaningfuls is not appealing


You like to try different things, and create a personal toolkit that works for you


You like to understand how your mind and body work


You’ve had therapy before but getting good sleep is still a problem


You just want something that works, finally!

This Program probably isn’t for you if…


You already know that you need 121 therapy rather than a "DIY" option


You know that trauma is a big part of the cause of your sleep issues


You’re not willing to do the work in helping yourself absorbing the modules of learning


You’re not willing to practice the tools you'll learn


You want immediate results (you will get results, and you'll see some changes soon, but it's important to be realistic as lasting positive change takes time)


You're not interested in understanding what triggers your sleep issues


You're not interested in exploring your mind/body connection and changing that relationship within yourself

If you know that trauma is a significant factor and you need a 121 approach, then let’s have a chat.  We’ll talk confidentially about your situation, and I’ll help you find the right direction in which to move forwards (whether that’s working with me in some way, or something else).

Who am I?

I’m a therapist and therapeutic-coach who’s been on both sides of the table. I understand that it’s daunting to seek help for emotional and mental health challenges. And even though it’s something that more of us are rightly talking about now, the stigma about mental health is too firmly stuck in many quarters.

My mission

is to make accessing mental health support of different kinds easier, and to do all I can to stamp out the ignorant prejudice that still exists. It’s why I’m open about my own mental health, and happy to talk about the benefits of therapy, coaching, and other kinds of support to anyone who will listen (and sometimes to those who don’t!)

How I can serve you:

  • One to one in bespoke therapy or therapeutic-coaching
  • One to one or with groups in my transformative and holistic program “Beat Stress For Life”, designed to teach you the tools to manage symptoms of stress, heal the root causes or anxiety, and create long term resilience for life.
  • My “DIY” self-help Programs help you address a specific difficulty or challenge, such as poor sleep, or being confidently assertive. These are for people who don’t want (or can’t afford) 121 private therapy, but still want or need to have the benefit of a therapeutic-coaching intervention.

My “Why”

As a lifelong sufferer of Anxiety (and periodic depression), I understand the devastation it brings to life, career, relationships, and family.

As someone who has learned to (largely!) overcome these challenges, I’m absolutely passionate about helping you do the same, in whatever capacity works for you. When one of my amazing clients reaches a point of personal evolution, it’s the most thrilling experience imaginable!

That’s why I love what I do 


Some FAQs…

How long will it take?

The programme content is drip fed to you on a weekly basis with a new learning module and new exercise each week, with a break every 3 or 4 weeks.  At this pace, it will take about 9 months to complete the Programme.  It’s paced this way to enable you to absorb the modules and try out the exercises properly, understanding what works for you, so you can build your own personal “Sleep Well for Life Toolkit”.

If I threw everything at you in just a few weeks, the risk is you would be overwhelmed and you wouldn’t finish the programme.  You’re already not sleeping as you’d like, and the solution shouldn’t turn out to add to your problem!

You’ll also receive my support through the facebook group during this time, and for a further 3 months after that.

There are no quick fixes.  This is a medium term programme to solve a long term problem that will benefit you for life!

What makes Sleep Well for Life different to other self-help books or programmes?

I’m confident that you won’t find anything like Sleep Well for Life anywhere else. That’s because I don’t teach just one methodology of getting good sleep, like mindfulness or CBT, (although those approaches do feature in the programme).


I teach from a holistic aspect, helping you as a whole person, not just one aspect of you. Your sleep depends on many factors about your life, which is why we focus on the 3 pillars of existence, your lifestyle, your mindset, and your physiology.  As a result, I draw from many different psychological therapeutic modalities in what you learn on the programme.  What that means for you is that you get to practice tools and techniques that are sometimes experiential and passive, sometimes active and cognitive, sometimes just plain practical, and lots in between.  I don’t ask you to meditate for 30 minutes per day unless you want to, and I don’t tell you which approach will suit you best – that’s for you to decide.


Imagine that the offerings in the programme are like a buffet – you choose what to fill your plate with and when.  Because of your lifetime access, you always have the option to go back for more, or enjoy a completely different meal experience as you choose alternatives the next time.  Either way, you create a plate that is filled with what’s just right for you.


The approaches used to improve your sleep here include cognitive processing, CBT, EFT, emotional processing, hypnotherapy, mindfulness, self-compassion, breathwork, habit change and formation, as well as practical and functional exercises, all of which can be slotted into your daily life.

How much time do I need to do this Programme?

The Programme is designed to be done in your own time and at your own pace.   It’s up to you how much you complete in any given time, but I recommend keeping up with the modules as they are released weekly.  This will help you set a gentle pace that won’t overwhelm you, but also create momentum to keep you going.

That works out to be around half an hour or so for watching the modules, and anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes per day in practical exercises (some of which you can do while you’re in bed, on the daily public transport commute, or during your lunch break if you’re at work for example).

So it’s really not about finding extra time in the long term, it’s finding ways to fit the things that benefit you into your daily life seamlessly.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

Yes!  If you decide within 14 days of your purchase of this Programme that it’s not for you, I offer a no questions asked, full refund in GBP.

After that first 14 days, no other refunds are given.

How much support do I get?

Although this is a self-help programme, you are not alone unless you want to be.

I will be appearing in your inbox a couple of times per week to ask you about your progress, and let you know when a new module is available for you.

And as part of your enrolment package, you receive 12 months free membership of the exclusive Facebook group which is the place for you to share thoughts and ideas, to give and receive support from other likeminded people who are going through the same challenges that you are.

There is an entire tutorial all about how to keep yourself emotionally safe throughout the programme with different strategies there for you to choose if you wish.

In addition, I am there in the group to answer your questions if you need, whether on your thread or in a live video. In this way, you are supported throughout your time on the programme and beyond, so you are never far from support if you want it.

When can I start?

You can begin as soon as you enrol! The process takes seconds, and when you create your account the first module is there waiting for you.

To avoid overwhelm, the modules are released to you weekly, although in the first foundation week, you receive daily modules for 5 days. This helps you get used to the technology and get in the swing of how the programme works properly, as you learn everything you need to make your time in the programme as productive as possible.

There are rest weeks every 3 or 4 weeks or so to enable you to implement what you’ve learned. And you’ll get to join the supportive Facebook community immediately too.

What if I get left behind?

The modules are available to you whenever you want them, so if Life gets in the way, you can pick up wherever you left off and continue.  Or you can go back to the start and begin again.  Whatever works for you, it’s completely flexible.

And don’t forget, I’ll be there in the facebook group to help you if you need.

With a break from new content every few weeks though, I’m confident you’ll be able to keep up, and that you’ll want to, because you’ll be feeling the benefits before very long!

How long will it be before I see results?

I’m confident that if you follow the Programme, take all of the steps, and practice the exercises, you will see an improvement in your sleep within a couple of months, if not straight away.

Remember, it takes time to break unwanted habits and instil new ones.  So the Programme is designed to allow you to make changes that are right for you and at pace that suits you.  You’re encouraged to make changes that you can build on with each module, which will lead you enjoying more restful and regular sleep.

However, if you have completed the Programme, and you can show that you have taken all the steps, and nothing has changed, then it’s possible there are issues impacting you that are not suitable to be dealt with via a self-help programme. I’ll invite you onto a 1:1 call with me to talk about what’s happening, and we’ll see what the best options for you might be.

Whether that’s working together in a different way, or pointing you in a different direction, you’ll get clarity and understanding of what to do next.   And if we decide it’s going to help you to work together some more, but in a different way, you’ll receive a financial credit towards that work in the amount of  your payment for the SWFL Programme.

So either you’ll see an improvement in your sleep in any event, or I’ll support you in the next steps and if we continue to work together, you’ll have had the benefit of this Programme for free.

What equipment / tech do I need?

For the best experience, then use a pc or a laptop to view the modules, with headphones.  You can also use your phone, tablet or other device.

Access to Facebook is needed to benefit from membership of the group where I’ll be giving regular support and answering your questions.  You’ll also get to connect with other people on a similar journey who understand the pain of sleep deprivation.

I’ve found that when facing difficult challenges, we’re stronger together.  A community of like minded people can be really helpful in getting you to where you want to be, and I’m confident you’ll get so much value out of being part of the group.  You’ll get complimentary membership of the group for the 9 months of your program duration, and a further 3 months after that.

It’s not compulsory though so if you really hate facebook you don’t have to join.  But please note I will not be giving support outside of that group.

Other than this, you don’t really need any other equipment, except a notebook and pencil/pen.

Investment for the Sleep Well for Life Programme:

What’s included:

  • Mind-altering learning (all about you) released weekly, in bite-sized, easy to digest chunks
  • All my best practical and experiential techniques from several therapeutic approaches, tips, advice, guidance and exercises, released weekly with your learning
  • You get to create your personal tool-kit of resources that actually work for you
  • Membership of our exclusive Facebook Community of like-minded people who know what you’re going through, for the duration of your programme
  • Extra support from me in that community, so you get to have all your questions answered

Plus Bonuses:

  1. 3 months extra free membership of the Facebook Community to help you consolidate your changes
  2. Lifetime* access to the learning modules, with free updates as they are added
  3. Mystery bonus for finishing the Programme which is unlocked when you complete the final module!


*see T&Cs but effectively means for as long as I am working as a Therapist with an online offering

All this for just

£297 !

And… you have options:

  • Pay the lowest possible price of £297 in full today  

Or choose to spread your payments:

  • 3 x monthly instalments of £109 (total £327)
  • 6 x monthly instalments of £59 (total £354)
*see T&Cs but effectively means for as long as I am working as a Therapist with an online offering

I can’t wait to get started working with you on your journey towards sleeping well for life!  See you soon x