Congratulations – You’re In!


Welcome to Sleep Well for Life!! 😃


I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to support you on your mission to get better sleep, and I can’t wait for us to get started! 😍

What to do now:

  • Check your email  as you read this, your confirmation email is winging its way to your inbox containing the joining instructions for the programme and the Facebook Group.
  • Check your spam folder especially if you don’t see my email right away.  Then “whitelist” my email address ( to be sure you receive future information mailings as I’ll be communicating with you throughout your time in the programme
  • Join the Sleep Well for Life Facebook Communityjust click here to join, and introduce yourself to the group!  That’s where I’ll be giving you extra support and answering all your questions, and where you can connect with other lovely people on the same journey as you 😍 

Here’s a reminder of what you’ll get with the Sleep Well For Life Program…

Everything you need to retrain your brain and body to rest and relax, whenever you want, including:



Psychological, experiential, and practical techniques and tips to aid your best sleep


Stop the hamster wheel

Control the thoughts that race round your mind and stop the negativity cycle  they bring


Change your state

Move from stressed out to calm quickly and easily, both at night and whenever you need


Better sleep

So that good sleep becomes the rule, not the exception


Ongoing Support

Free access to my private facebook group for continued guidance and peer support



You’ll know what to do and how to get good sleep, even if life is challenging


Stop self sabotage

Transform the way your mind and body function so they work for you, not against you


Simple explanations

So you’ll easily apply what you learn in the context of you and your life


Change from Day 1

Content is delivered in “bitesize chunks” so you start making positive changes immediately


Health and Vitality

Enable your mind and body to heal, restore, and replenish what insomnia takes away

As soon as you check your email and click the links...

your journey towards better sleep will begin!